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Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters' design allows each slat to roll-up inside its housing capacity. The result is an attractive look, an important consideration for home and business exterior appearance. Each shutter is customized and made to fit. Aluminum slats are filled with hard resin or extruded aluminum for tougher applications. The blades are vented to allow in air and light.

Rolling Shutters can be motorized with a manual override system in the event of electrical failure. Remote control is also available. Caribbean Awning also uses shutters as interior security for open bars, garage type applications and security for store fronts.



  • Max Slat Span 288"
  • Max Design Pressure 200 PSF
  • Design & Tested in accordance with the Florida Building Code Sixth Edition 
  • Tested to TAS 201 / 202 / 202 / & ASTM E 330 / E 1886 / 1996 Standards 
  • Impact Level D = 9lb Large Missile Impact 
  • All extrusion shall be 6063-T6 aluminum alloy unless noted otherwise 
  • Vented, Solid and Viewport Slats available 


  • Provides excellent security
  • High Salt resistance - great for coastal areas
  • Powder coated for long lasting finish
  • Withstands winds up to 146 MPH
  • 5 year warranty for side tracks, slats and hoods
  • 1 year warranty on motors, electronic devices and moveable parts, under normal wear and tear conditions in the Caribbean
  • Sound and light control
  • Insulation from heat and cold
  • Privacy control
  • Easy operation from inside and outside the home
  • Slat sizes: 40mm, 55mm, 60mm
  • Easy to install on existing homes
  • Easy maintenance
  • Standard colour - white - other colours available

Caribbean Awning Production Company provides Motors obtained from SOMFY for motorizing all Rolling Shutters as well as Retractable Awnings.

Although SOMFY motors are designed for indoor and outdoor use, they must be protected from direct weather elements. The motors are equipped with a built-in thermal overload protector which limits their operation to intermittant use only.


  • Remote Control
  • Indoor and Outdoor Key Switch
  • Digitel Key Pad
  • Manual Override
  • 110 volts and 220 volts

Somfy Motors

Rolling Shutters can be installed on the outside or inside surface of the building or can be 'built-in". Be sure to provide the right measurements. Caribbean Awning Production Company Ltd cannot be held responsible for the incorrect measurements.

For recess Installation

  • Measure your width of the opening
  • Measure the height of the opening

When mounting shutters on the inside opening (recess) this is your Finished Size

For Surface Installation

  • Measure your width of the opening and add 8" to the opening width
  • Measure your height of the opening and add 13" to the height for a door or large opening and 10" for a window opening

When mounting on the outside of the opening (surface) this is your Finished Size

We must determine your Finished Size to avoid shutter size confusion.
In hurricane zones you may need a storm bar which is the width of the shutter. Ask for pricing.
Indicate type of opening (window or door) type of surface (wood or concrete)


  • No custom shapes such as arches and angles
  • Require flat leveled surfaces for installation
  • Requires additional head space above opening for the hood
  • Exterior lights, plumbing pipes, air condition pipes, decorative banding around windows and doors, protruding door knobs should be considered when evaluating installations
  • Architects should include these shutters as a “built-in”
  • What side you require the motor installed – consider the side closest to your electrical outlet
  • Roll Up shutters have the highest initial cost but is practical, effective and easy to handle
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