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For those that want a specific design for any area - A custom designed Canopy can solve all your problems. Nothing is unachievable for the Caribbean Awning design and installation crew. Perfect for a more permanent covering of your large outdoor spaces from sun and rain. Great for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars to extend their indoor space outside for a relaxing setting.

Let us cover your world

Tents & Gazebos

Caribbean Awning can provide awnings and canopies that are customized. They are functional, economical, strong and stable. Most of our awnings and canopies consist of fabric stretched over and secured to a fixed galvanize steel frame secured by expansion bolts or laces. The frames are welded and with large awnings they are bolted together to make a single frame.

The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has adopted standard names for awning and canopy styles and we outline the designs below:

Let us cover your world

Terrace Cover

Wooden Framework, with 2ft * 2ft cross sections for the Roof. For proper water runoff the Roof must have a pitch of minimum 24" from back to front and more depending on the length of the Covering.

Ferrari 502, 17.4oz per sq yard, is the best fabric for this type of cover providing a cooling effect. The Ferrari 502 , is heat sealed and cut to specifications; is mounted on the Back end of the structure using awning rail (either against the wall that the structure rests on or on the framework its self)

The Tie Bar Method entails using stainless steel hardware such as Cable and tension cranks, where by a rope about an eighth of an inch thick, is passed through Grommets on the hemmed perimeter of the three remaining sides of the Canopy. The weaving rope pattern and high tense cable and sturdy Grommets placed every 6" inches and the hemmed perimeter, are all extra measures taken along the production process to ensure superior quality.

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