Somfy Gate Motors

Somfy Gate Motor Video

Caribbean Awning introduces Gate Motors for your property. Open your gate in the most convenient way, without getting out of your car simply by pressing a button on the remote control. The gate closes automatically behind you. There is no waiting on the road, the gate opens in 10 seconds and closes 20 seconds after it has completely opened. Security measures are implemented through counter pressures which the gate applies to keep it closed. It also prevents pirating of the remote control by implementing a automatic rolling code with several million combinations. Access control is done through remote control, key switch, digicode or intercom so that you can open for your friends and family. The obstacle sensor immediately stops the gate so that cars are not damaged or that chidren and pets can be protected. Additionally in the case of power failure all motors are equipped with a manual release and can be operated by back up battery.

  • 220 volts
  • Smooth, Jerk Free Motion
  • Convenient
  • Remote Control
  • Obstacle sensors
  • Automatic
  • Quality
  • 5 year warranty from date of manufacture
  • International safety standards

Caribbean Awning Production Company Ltd does not install Gate motors. Most electricians have the skill to install these motors.