Extruded PVC Cladding for Ceiling & Walls

This product is available for wholesale and retail and can be used for all suspended ceilings and walls. It is certified by official French and European Quality Systems. The panels come in a variety of designs and colours. It is excellent for commercial and residential uses.

This PVC product is especially manufactured for the tropical region:-

- UV resistant (no yellowing, no cracks)
- Rot proof
- Termite Resistant
- Wear Resisant
- Water Resistant
- Light and ready to use
- Recyclable
- Easy to clean
- Smooth
- Light and easy to install
- No painting necessary
- Fire Rated Euro Class E
- Economical

No maintenance or painting required. For a Professional finish at an affordable price.

Official distributors for the OECS Islands.

Profile P08 314 or P08 314 A [heavy]

Width of the Board 20 cm 

Height of the Board 0.8 cm

Flat Type

5 boards per pack

Standard length 6 meters

Profile P08 311

Width of Board 20 cm

Height of Board 0.8 cm

5 Boards per Pack

Standard Length 6 meters

Flat Junction

10 Bars per pack

Standard length 6 meters

Ornamental Outline

10 Bars per pack

Standard length 6 meters

Simple Outline

10 Bars per pack

Standard length 6 meters

Flexible Outline

10 Bars per Pack

Standard length 6 meters



Tools required for installation: knife, saw, measuring tape, level, drill, screwdriver, chalk line.

Use screws on soft timber and in windy areas.

Staples can also be used in installing this product.

Holder: Suripe n.v, located Nieuw industriespark, Duisburg Paramaribo / Suriname

Products: PVC Panels for ceilings, walls and outside purposes

Models: P311, P314, P312, P330, P300H, P314H, P312H, P311H, 109, 104, 108,103

Scope: UVA & UVB protection, fire rated standard M1 registered n RA09-0327, according to european regulation: Euro class B (reacton) and E (resistance)

Technical Specifications: 20 PCR maximum of component in mix composition. UV treatment minimum 6,5 PCR or Ti02

Guarentee: 10 years guarantee: color, ductility and not breakable, junction, point of fixaton and fire resistant.

Installation recommendations: Flat screw or staples (10mm).

Outside and walls: Panels rated H (heavy) can be used for walls and outside purposes. Normal panels can be used for outside purposes.