Architectural Umbrellas are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours with a steel protecting powder-coat system and marine grade 316 stainless steel cables and fittings. State of the art fabric and can withstand winds up to 75 mph. Umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, colours with or without bases. Made of exceptionally strong and durable, African mahogany designed for marine exterior surface. The solid finish contains ultraviolet light absorbers that offer excellent protection from sun, salt, air and water. The Hardware is made from stainless steel number 304. Other umbrellas available are made completely from fiberglass: hubs, end tips and yokes are made of special heavy duty nylon for flexibility. The umbrellas can withstand wind up to 45 mph. Whatever your style, or budget we can accommodate you. We also recover umbrellas and provide a maintenance service.

All Greencorner umbrellas are made from high quality 100% acrylic canvas 

The fabric is:

Stain and Mildew Resistant
Water Repellent – treated with fluorocarbon finish
Provides UV Protection – tested to provide up to 98% protection from harmful effects of the sun


Frame – 3 Years Warranty – under normal conditions

All parts have a full replacement three year warranty – replacement parts will be free of cost.
Shipping of parts and installation of parts will incur a cost.
The warranty must comply with the summary of terms and conditions below and as specified below:-

  • Umbrella must be a permanent installation or anchored by appropriate weight to protect against tipping
  • Umbrella must be closed during windy conditions
  • Parts are not protected for misuse, intentional acts, modification or neglect, acts of god

Canopy – 10 Years Warranty

  • The warranty covers any unusual wear and tear of the fabric and the colour of it.

The warranty must comply with the following specifications:-

  • Damages produced by inappropriate installation, maintenance, handling or cleaning with abrasive products are not covered
  • Accidents, misuse, negligence, stains and tears are not covered. 


Canopy Size:   6.5’ x 6.5’ / 2 x 2m
Coverage:       43 square feet
Pole Diameter: 1.82”/46mm
Weight:           40lbs/18kg


Canopy Size:   10’ x 10’ square/3x3m
Coverage:       100 sq ft
Pole Diameter2.375/60mm
Weight:           57lbs/26kg


Canopy Size:   10’ x 13’/4x3m
Coverage:       130 sq ft
Pole Diameter:2.375/60mm
Weight:           70lbs/32kg


Canopy Size:   11’Octagonal/3x35m
Coverage:       88 sq ft
Pole Diameter:1.82/46mm
Weight:           50lbs/23kg


Canopy Size:   9’Octagonal
Coverage:       63 sq.ft
Pole Diameter: 1.82’’
Weight:           44 lbs



B24 Grey Powder-Coated Steel Base – For Commercial Use

Size:                24” x 24”
Metal Base


B6 Deck or Concrete Mount Base – For Commercial/Residential

 8” x 8”
10 lbs


TH50-Compound Concrete – For Commercial/Residential


Size:                24” diameter
Weight:           110lbs


TH37-Compound Concrete – For Commercial/Residential

Size:                22 x 22” square
Weight:           88 lbs


In Ground Base

Model:            B 7    
Weight:       11 lbs

Designed for permanent positioning of umbrellas.   For safety lower
galvanize tube into the concrete in the ground, and remove the aluminum
upper tube when the umbrella is not in use.  
For Commercial/Residential Use - Light to Windy conditions.