Storm Panels

A cost effective and the least expensive way to help protect your home or business from hurricane winds up to 140 miles per hour. They are designed and tested to meet the stringent Dade Country and Broward County Building Codes.

The Storm Panel system comes in aluminum, galvanize steel or clear panels and are 14.5" wide and provide a 12" coverage. The extruded aluminum headers and sills can be permanently attached to the building or can be removable. Stainless steel spring clips or studded angle and wingnuts are used to secure the panel to the header and sill.


  • Panels that interlock in approximately 12" increments
  • Panels are available in a variety of gauges
  • Clear panels allows light and visibility
  • Tracks are available in white
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Unlimited widths
  • Heights to 12’
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally


  • Available in aluminum and clear polycarbonate
  • Not the most attractive product
  • Time consuming to put up and take down
  • Storm Panels when not in use must be stored
  • Must have easy access to the windows on the outside
  • Operation from outside of the Building
  • Ensure no obstructions to allow for smooth installation
  • Require extension ladders for second and third floors

Always measure width by height

  • Measure the inside width from left to right
  • Measure the inside height from top to bottom (indicate if it is a door or window)