Roll-Up Steel Doors

The perfect solution for business premises where added security is needed. There is a choice of either grilled or solid slats. The grilled finish is a good choice for display windows, as they allow for perfect visibility of your goods on display, while the solid finish can be used as the optimum security solution for commercial units. These steel doors can also be fabricated with your choice of an electrical motor, a remote control system, and an Italian style counter balance spring roller that pushes up and pulls down with a handle in the event of a power failure.





  • Push up Spring/Motor/Chain
  • 22g 4" galvanize steel slats
  • Flat or curve slats
  • Aluminum Bottom Bar
  • Brackets 13g steel
  • Heavy duty aluminum or galvanize side tracks
  • Hood 24g galvanize steel
  • 5/16" steel rods for grille finish
  • 2" aluminum links
  • Bottom locks

5 YEAR Manufacturer's Warranty

This warranty starts at the date of production by Caribbean Awning Production Company Ltd and is limited to the terms and conditions of sale, supply and payment.

Conditions of the guarantee are:-

1. The awning must be properly installed by Caribbean Awning production Company Ltd or its authorized dealers
2. The awning must be manufactured with genuine components
3. No excessive load on the awning due to rainwater or other
4. The wind load on the retractable awnings must not exceed forces of 50mph
5. The wind load on fixed awnings must not exceed forces of 75mph
6. Minimum angle of projection must be 10 degrees
7. Limited to fabric and not the labour, frames or systems

The Guarantee excludes:

1. Parts subjected to normal wear and tear - crank 1 year - electronics 1 year (due to frequent fluctuations of electricity)
2. Damage to awning or building due to Client installation and transportation
3. Awnings installed near overgrowth with the agreement of the client that would allow stains by chemicals or other on the fabric
4. Vandalism, improper use of products, negligence,
5. Acts of God
6. Not retracting the retractable awnings in heavy winds, rains or other
7. Awnings installed near air conditioning ducts, guttering or similar

Always measure width by height

For Surface Installation

  • Measure your width of the opening and add 12" to the opening width
  • Measure your height of the opening and add 16" to the height for a door or large opening due to the size of the hood


  • Concrete, masonry frame construction must be smooth and level
  • Spring, motor or chain operation
  • Ability to secure from inside and outside
  • Location of the motor – right or left