Retractable Shade Awnings

The Retractable Shade Awnings is an excellent solution to the afternoon sun. The pivoting arm rotates from 0 degrees for full sun to 180 degrees for complete shade.

When it is not in use it will roll up on its tube and the valance will add a distinct look to your window while the arms rest at the sides.

  • Can move from 0 degrees to 180 degrees
  • All products are white powder coated
  • Brackets and roller tubes are made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum
  • Operated by manual gear and hand crank
  • Warranty - hardware and fabric is guaranteed for five years against defects in craftsmanship and materials under normal wear and tear conditions
  • The awning hardware is maintenance free
  • Fabric can be either 100% woven acrylic or PVC coated and come in a variety of colours
  • Awnings can be motorized - recommend motorization for awnings beyond 15ft
  • Manual Operation with Hand Crank or Motorization
  • Motors 110 volts or 220 volts
  • Sun and Wind Sensors
  • Remote Control
  • Variety of Fabric
  • Variety of Valance Styles



Sunbrella or Dickson
100% Solution Dyed Acrylic
Exclusive fluorocarbon finish
Water repellent
Resistant to Ultraviolet rays
Mildew resistant (if maintained and cleaned)

Vinyl Laminated Polyester Awning Fabric
Resists acid rain and air pollution discoloration
Exceptionally Smooth surface
Certified Flame Resistance by California State Fire Marshall

Dickson Nite-Lite
For Back-Lit awnings and Sign Fabric
Vinyl Laminated Polyester Scrim
White underside for illumination
Ease of cleaning
Flame retardant

Fabric woven from inherently fire retardant polymer,
Backed with a durable urethane/acrylic coating
Very resistant to Ultraviolet rays
Water repellent
Excellent mildew resistance (if maintained and cleaned)



There are different styles of valances for all awnings and canopies. Calderon #1 and Caribbean #2 are the most popular styles but you can choose any style you wish. The valances can be 8", 10" or 12" long as required. The awning valance comes with a ¼" binding. There are various biding colours from which to choose.

The Awning valance is easily removable on retractable awnings by removing the end cap and pulling the fabric out.

There is no additional cost for awning valance.

Caribbean Awning Production Company Ltd offers the service of installing all their products based upon request. For Installations of our products ask for Instructions when you place your order.

Please ensure that the correct tools are used when installing. Caribbean Awning Production Company Ltd will not be held responsible for any damages that may occur during your installation process. 

Your installation can be recess or surface mount.

All limits for awnings are set at the plant initially, a motor instruction and wiring sheet will be supplied for all our products.



5 YEAR Manufacturer's Warranty

This warranty starts at the date of production by Caribbean Awning Production Company Ltd and is limited to the terms and conditions of sale, supply and payment.

Conditions of the guarantee are:-

1. The awning must be properly installed by Caribbean Awning production Company Ltd or its authorized dealers
2. The awning must be manufactured with genuine components
3. No excessive load on the awning due to rainwater or other
4. The wind load on the retractable awnings must not exceed forces of 50mph
5. The wind load on fixed awnings must not exceed forces of 75mph
6. Minimum angle of projection must be 10 degrees
7. Limited to fabric and not the labour, frames or systems

The Guarantee excludes:

1. Parts subjected to normal wear and tear - crank 1 year - electronics 1 year (due to frequent fluctuations of electricity)
2. Damage to awning or building due to Client installation and transportation
3. Awnings installed near overgrowth with the agreement of the client that would allow stains by chemicals or other on the fabric
4. Vandalism, improper use of products, negligence,
5. Acts of God
6. Not retracting the retractable awnings in heavy winds, rains or other
7. Awnings installed near air conditioning ducts, guttering or similar

Measure the Width of the Window/Door from the inside left to inside right. Add 6” on either side of the awning: so add an additional 12” to the inside awning width to obtain your finished awning width.

Measure the drop of the window from the mounting point to the centerline of the window. The projection is the same as the drop. This represents the measurement for surface installation. For Recess Installation, measure the inside width from left to right and the drop from the mounting point to the centerline of the window. The projection is the same as the drop.



  • The maximum projection is 5’
  • The maximum width is 19’1”
  • Remember the fabric is narrower than the total width of the awning
  • The width depends on the available space and the needs of the Customer
  • The surface(s) should be level and flat – check the type of surface to which the awning will be attached
  • If motorized, on what side do you want the motor depending on where the electrical source is located
  • When measuring please consider all down pipes, air condition pipes, light fixtures molding, etc. that may affect your installation.
  • The type of installation, recess or surface

Place a Deposit on your Product
- $200 USD