PVC CLADDING for Ceiling and Walls - Features ADMAC LTD

The word is getting out. Our new PVC Cladding product is moving fast! because of its massive benefits and the fact that it is cheaper than plywood sheets or sheetrock is making it the new go to item for St. Lucians. Certainly this has been the case for @RuthMcFarlane Managing Director for Admac Limited Gourmet and Health Foods. The new wharehouse has been fitted wall and ceiling, from room to room, with this elegant looking product. 

It can be used to cover partitions instead of plywood or sheetrock, screwed into place into the framework. Corners and Openings are finished with excellent details.


Tricky spaces and corners are not forgotten and their detail adds to the appeal. The PVC cladding is a flexible product used in any tight space. 

Light Fixtures are installed by easily cutting into the product. 

They are terminte resistant, heat resistant, rot proof, UV resistant which means it won't yellow or crack, Water resistant, Light, snooth, easy to clean, environmentally friendly and easy to install. 

No maintenance is required and it comes in a variety of styles and colours: Pink, Yellow, Blue, White, Grey. 

Hurry and call us for your PVC Cladding today!!! Affordable Price for an Elegant look. 

Thanks to ADMAC LTD for this feature presentation. 

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