Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Awnings and Canopies?

The Benefits of Awnings are: Energy Savings, Reduce air condition costs, Protection from the Sun, UV rays, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and wind; identification and advertising of your business, Architectural Aesthetics.

What is the size of an Awning or Canopy?

Because awnings and canopies are customized they can be made in any size.

What material is the frame made from?

Frames can be made from either galvanize steel or aluminum. Regular maintenance is required for galvanize steel frames every three to five years. Aluminum frames last a lifetime however you will need to inspect the fasteners and connectors.

How Long will Fabric Awning last?

The life of fabric varies with the amount of sun and wind however most fabric have a 5 to 8 year lifespan. Proper care will extend the life of the fabric.

How do I maintain my fabric?

Please go to Product Care on our website.

Is Acrylic fabric waterproof ?

Acrylic fabric is water repellent not waterproof. Water repellent awning and canopies will allow you to enjoy your deck or patio during most weather conditions, that allows you to be safe outside.

Sunbrella fabric have been tested and provide up to 98% UV protection and has been awarded the "Seal of Recommendation" by the Skin Cancer Foundation, an organization dedicated to the prevention of skin cancer.(

Whites and lighter colored fabrics provide less protection than darker fabrics.

What does an average-sized awning or canopy cost?

Fixed awnings and canopies and retractable awnings are customized for each home or commercial center and prices cannot be given without verified measurements and in some cases architectural drawings.

Do I need a Hood for my Retractable Awning?

The protective hood is used on awnings that are installed that are exposed on a wall or roof. The hood protects the fabric from the dirt, stains and birds. Some Retractable Awnings come with hoods.

Why Choose a Motorized Retractable Awning?

Nothing could be more convenient than simply flipping a switch and watching your awning roll out on its own. Once fully extended or retracted, the unit will stop automatically. You may also stop the retractable in any position with the wall-mounted switch. Research has shown that a motorized awning is used four times as much as a manual unit. Don’t believe it? Consider how few times you would change the TV channel if you didn’t have a remote control.

What does an average-sized retractable awning cost?

Because most retractable awnings are customized for each residence, prices cannot be given without verified measurements and on-site inspection. Your awning supplier typically can meet with you for a free, in-home consultation to design an awning that’s right for you.

Will my awning give me water and weather protection?

Generally, however, today’s awning fabrics are considered water-repellent, not waterproof. Water-repellent awning and patio canopies will allow you to enjoy your deck or patio during most weather conditions that it is safe to be outside.

Can A Retractable Awning Handle High Winds?

Retractable awnings primarily are for sun protection and should not be left out in windy conditions. However, wind is a very unpredictable force, with a tendency to change direction and speed very quickly. In a wind-tunnel test, which is a very controlled environment, a retractable awning withstood straight-on wind forces at over 50 m.p.h. In “real-life” applications, the general rule of thumb is: If you are comfortable sitting outdoors dining or reading the paper, then it is probably safe to operate your awning. The concern with wind is the up-lifting effect on the awning rather than the downward force; therefore the greater the pitch, the more wind-resistant the unit is.

Does The Fabric Color I Choose Affect How Hot It Is Under My Awning? Or, For That Matter, How Dark It Will Be Shaded Underneath?

Good question. Of course, the darker the color chosen, the darker the shade effect underneath will be. There are exceptions, however. Certain fabrics have a lighter-colored underneath side than the top-side color, which gives a more pleasing shading effect. As for the temperature, while color choice has some slight impact, the type of fabric chosen and the overall ventilation of the installation will have a greater effect.

Are Awnings Waterproof? Can I Stay Out Under My Awning In Inclement Weather?

Generally speaking, awning fabrics are water-repellent, not waterproof. There are exceptions, though, which may be practical in certain environments. The fabrics’ water-repellent characteristics allow you to fully enjoy the space shaded by the awning during any weather conditions that aren’t severe. In other words, if the weather is nice enough for you to be outside, then it is good enough for you to be out underneath your awning.

What is the difference between inside and outside mount?

The difference between inside and outside mount is way in which the blind or shade is hung. Inside mount is attaching the blind within the window sill so that the blinds or shades would be flush with the wall. Outside mount is when a blind or shade hangs outside the window sill and would extend beyond the wall or door.

Can I bring my blinds into your shop?

Yes! You are always welcome to drop off your blinds for cleaning or repairs during our Business Hours.

If I Supply my own fabriac could you make my blind for me?

Unfortunately we don't offer this service because all of our fabrics are of the highest quality and have undergone testing to make sure they meet industry standards - meaning they’ll last you for many years to come.

Can I schedule an appointment for blind cleaning and repair the same day?

No, because the fabric blind has to dry before returning it to the customer. Please be sure to mention your requirements.

Are the fabrics sewn or glued?

All of our fabrics are SEWN. We do not glue fabrics as the glue will perish over prolonged exposure to strong sunlight which will leave an unsightly dark line across the fabric and will come apart.

What does 2 on a head rail mean ?

This feature is recommended for wide windows.  When a window exceeds a certain width, the blind should be split into two independent blinds but they share the same top or head rail.

Do the colour of the swatches represent an exact match to the real colour?

The colour swatches on your computer screen is reduced by about 1% may not represent the true colour of the material. We can mail you samples if required.

What is the difference between a recess and exact measurement?

A recess measurement is the distance between the top and bottom of the window opening, and from side to side. Be sure to measure the top, middle and bottom and take the smallest measurement. If you provide a recess measurement we will automatically deduct a required amount for each blind to ensure a perfect fit.

An exact measurement is the size you would like the blind to be made. We will not make any allowances.  As when taking a recess size, please ensure that several measurements are taking and ensure that you take into account tiles and other frames.

How do you clean the roller shade?

Most of the time, you will only need to dust the shade.  A regular dust cloth will work just fine for everyday cleaning. If unusually dirty use dishwashing liquid to clean the shade.

Are they difficult to install?

Roller shades are no harder to install than any other window treatment.

What types of roller shades are available?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many different types of shades. However, we will attempt to give you the basic types here.

  • Solar Screen - These shades do little for privacy but they work great for blocking the glare and preserving the view.
  • Environmentally Friendly Shades - Exactly as the name describes, these blinds are good for the environment. Eco-friendly materials and energy saving, these blinds are perfect for anyone wanting to go green.
  • Woven Wood Shades - These shades give you the look of wood and the convenience of a roller shade.

Do your shades come in different shades and colors?

All our shades are custom made, we have materials that range form 80% to 99% shading and are available in a variety of colors.

What is a Hurricane Shutter?

Hurricane Shutters are products designed to limit damage to window and door openings caused by high winds and flying objects. They are popular in coastal areas, but Hurricane Shutters are rapidly growing in popularity in all areas threatened by high winds or hurricane conditions. We offer Rolling and Accordion Shutters and Storm Panels. Shutters are also used to deter burglars.

Why should I have Hurricane Shutters?

The security and "peace of mind" they provide is worth their price. Preventing loss from hurricanes plus the added protection from vandalism, burglars and simple looting after the tragedy of a hurricane is a key justification. In most countries, Insurance companies are moving toward requiring Hurricane Shutters before covering properties in hurricane-prone areas.

Should I only protect the openings facing the water?

Unfortunately, wind and debris can come from any direction depending on your home’s relationship to the eye wall and the direction in which the  hurricane travels.

Should I put Shutters over my doors?

Sliding glass doors, French doors or any door with considerable glass  should be protected. Garage doors (the biggest and most vulnerable opening in your home) should also have shutters and where necessary reinforced with storm bars.

What are the best kinds of hurricane protection?

The type of shutter used depends on the individual circumstances and your budget. For a disabled or elderly person it may be ease of installation with either an automatic closing mechanism such as motorized Rolling shutters. They can be manually operated from inside or outside the home or they can be motorized and remote controlled as well. For those with limited incomes, Accordion Shutters, Storm Panels may be the best option. For some people, the best compromise would be Accordion Shutter because they offer the protection needed for many types of openings and they’re very easy to operate.

How Should I Clean My Shutters ?

See Product care on our website.

How do I measure for my Shutters ?

See "How to Measure" on our website.

How long will it take for my shutters to be completed?

4 to 6 weeks