Shipping & Delivery


All goods are shipped FOB, unless otherwise advised by the Client.
We do however, recommend that you ship your goods CIF as Caribbean Awning Production Company Ltd will not be responsible for damage caused during shipping.  All CIF charges must be paid in advance to Caribbean Awning Production Company Ltd.

The goods will be shipped in the name of the Company or Individual in which the Contract is written.
Customs Documents will be forwarded (fax or email) to Clients in advance but original documents will be sent with the shipment.

Damaged Products - Clients must inform the Freight Carrier of any damaged goods immediately, once the goods have been received.  Failure to report any damages may eliminate the possibility of reimbursement from the Insurance Company.

Damage caused by acts of nature, (extreme weather conditions) misuse or negligence during shipment are not covered by the warranty and are the customer's responsibility.


All Fixed Awnings, Canopies and Retractable Awnings
Local:         7 to 14 business days    Rainy Season   - 14 to 28 business days
Exports:-: 14 to 30 business days    Rainy Season   - 30 to 60 business days 

All Blinds and Roller Shades
Local:        7 to 14 business days
Regional: 14to 20 business days

All Shutters/Garage Doors 
Local:       20 to 30 business days
Regional: 30 to 90 business days

Cushions & Umbrellas
Local:      7 to 14 business days
Regional: 20 to 30 business days

Marine Products 
Time Frame varies depending on type of job